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Cancellation of Winter 2020 Season


Dear Eagles,


As you no doubt are aware, due to Metropolitan Melbourne going back to the stage 3 restrictions from the 9th of July, the upcoming abridged EDJBA Winter 2020 season has been cancelled.


This is in line with Basketball Victoria’s announcement with all competitions in Metropolitan Melbourne to return to RED-0 from July 9th for a period of 6 weeks (August 20th).


Whilst returning to competition on the 18th of July in a safe and controlled manner, was always going to be a stretch, pleasingly the club was on track to do so, despite losing access to our home stadium at Marcellin College for the majority of the season.


We’re All in this Together


Through the challenges of recent weeks, Marcellin Eagles has formed closer ties with the Ivanhoe Knights and Banyule Hawks, who were prepared to share court space at La Trobe Stadium. The Blackburn Vikings and Whitehorse Mustang also lent their support with respect to providing alternative venues, highlighting the strong community spirit within the EDJBA competition and everyone’s genuine desire to return to sport.


A Big Thankyou


I would like to acknowledge the Marcellin Eagles Committee and the EDJBA for their significant efforts and agility in working towards getting our kids back on the court in a safe manner and in such a short time frame.


In particular my thanks go to our Coordinators Sarina Bailey, Diana Mikolich and  Neil Edgar, who were ably supported by Brenna Barret and Andrew Tripp for working tirelessly on organising teams, in a very short timeframe.


My sincerest thanks also goes to Greta Patterson (Vice President) and Leica Fogarty (Treasurer) for their guidance and continued support during this challenging time. Thank you also to Janine Harrison for supporting communications and maintaining our website.


Lastly, thank you to all our members for their patience and understanding as we try to navigate our way through the challenges that Co-Vid 19 has presented, whilst balancing our vision of developing player skills so that teams are competitive and successful while providing a child safe, fun and friendly environment. This is your club, should you wish to assist in any way, please reach out to a Committee member




Unlike many clubs, we will be offering a FULL REFUND of fees. Please note however, Winter Season fees cannot be rolled over to Sumer Season  


To receive your refund, if you have not already done so, please ensure that you email the following details to the relevant boys ( or girls ( coordinators email address and to our Treasurer, Leica Fogarty (

·         Name of child registered

·         DOB

·         Age

·         Sex

·         Bank Account Details

Processing of refunds will take time due to the sheer volume, so again I ask for your patience as we work through this process.


Last Summer Season 2019/2020


Cast your mind back to 29th February. That was when the Summer 2019/20 Season was cancelled with effect from the Semi-Final round. That is how long we have been dealing with the effects of the Pandemic!


Due to the challenges presented by Co Vid 19 the club was unable to host an awards event.  However, it is important to recognise the efforts and contribution of our members during last Summer Season.  


Summer Season Award Winners

A list of award winners can be found here.

The EAGLES HONOUR COACHING AWARD goes to Grace Jensen and Sienna Bourke. Very pleasing to see young leaders within the Club!


We have supported our Trophy Supplier and are pleased to advise that our order has been fulfilled. We will need to work through how the trophies will be distributed given the current circumstances. We were planning to present trophies to winners during the Winter Season.

The Future


I look forward to an eventual return to basketball for the Summer Season at Marcellin Stadium and I trust that we have your continued support for our club. In the meantime, I would encourage you to read Basketball Victoria’s return to sport guidelines, which can be found on their website:


Stay Safe



Simon Friars


Marcellin Eagles


March 18, 2020

Dear MEBC families,

Please find a message from the EDJBA below.


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The Committee considered a range of potential options...

March 13, 2020

Dear Eagles Families

Further to advice below from Basketball Victoria, the EDJBA advises that competition for today Saturday 14 March, has been cancelled.

The Preliminary Final round will not be rescheduled.

 Decisions about if grand finals can be held, and nominal re...

March 9, 2020

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