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February 18, 2019

“Train like you play” – a token phrase used timelessly amongst coaches of all sports. However, practice should not be at game speed… instead, training should be FASTER! Why is this the case? Training at a pace where players aren’t comfortable, forces them to adapt (via a lot of mistakes). Once game day arrives, they’re able to beat their player, finish with pressure and game day decisions are easier, the game seeming slow and...

December 5, 2018

“A sub is called. All five players on the court turn their attention towards the bench, eyes open with fear as they hope their teammate isn’t coming on for them. Their teammate runs towards them, tapping Jimmy on the shoulder. “You’re off”. He puts his head down in shame and slowly takes himself off the court. He sits down and wonders what went wrong and why he is off again?”

Substitutions; an aspect of the game no player...

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Sophia Ikosidekas

Here are some highlights from the recent Coaches Night run by MEBC Coaching Coordinator

Sophia Ikosidekas.

Coaches Night 2018



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