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The EDJBA grading process explained

For all those wondering, here is an explanation of the EDJBA Grading Process


The EDJBA is one of the largest junior sporting competitions in Australia which in Summer 2018/19 season saw over 1400 team playing in 180 different grades. The depth and breadth of the competition is unrivalled and allows all teams to play in a grade in which they are competitive.


To ensure sides play in a competitive grade, the EDJBA has developed a grading process that is one of the most comprehensive grading analysis conducted in youth sports. The EDJBA considers: • the composition of teams including the past playing history of team members; • results in games played; • the correlation of results across the whole age group; • review of teams playing with four players during grading; • review of teams playing with multiple fill in players during grading; • analysis of players missing games during gradings.

The end result is an average margin of 10 points across over 180 different grades.


Grading phase sees teams moved around every round to get this result. During this phase up to 40% of teams change grade every week. This amount of movement does create a couple of issues. Firstly, it can be difficult trying to find your team during grading as some teams move grade every week. Secondly, it is difficult to explain every single change to every single team without going into a lot of detail of all the data analysed. Teams expect to be moved up after a big win, however teams can be moved up after a small win or even a small loss due to strong results from other teams that they were competitive with in previous rounds. Teams could be moved up simply to replace teams that are being moved down after consecutive losses. Sound complicated? Well it is but it works.


This season we are trialling a change to simplify the grading phase in that we will only be shown in Sections A, B, C, D or R, with R being Rookies. This will make it easier to find your team as you are less likely to move sections and will remove any angst or queries over small changes in grades. The display of teams during grading is the only change. Behind the scenes nothing is changing and once the grading phase is completed, we will have all the grades that have had traditionally. So, there will be AR, BA, BB, BC, BD, BE…. CA…. DA, DB, DC, DD, DE etc


Whilst the display will be different during grading, that is the only change, all the analysis and review will continue and the regular season will see all the grades that previous seasons have featured. Rest assured we will be working hard to achieve the same great result that everyone has become accustomed to.


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