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Coaching athletes, regardless of age or ability, requires the coach to maintain effective communication. To get your message across, you’re required to understand quality verbal communication. But what defines this? Below are 5 key points ALL coaches should use to maintain good communication with their players.

1. Develop Credibility:

Be RELIABLE, FAIR, OPEN & HONEST and express FRIENDLINESS & EMPATHY 2. Positive Approach:

Use a positive manner when communicating with athletes. Avoid constant correction, setting high expectations and always resulting to punishment. Be positive and caring towards athletes. 3. Information Rich:

Avoid using one-word phrases like “good” or “no”. Explain what caused the result of their actions – what do they need to improve/maintain? 4. Consistent Communication:

There must be a connection between what you say and what you do. KEEP promises and maintain equality in your appreciation. 5. Learn to Listen:

Respect the athletes’ rights for sharing their views and listen to the meaning rather than the emotion or details. If your athletes feel heard, they will listen to you with the same attention.


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